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Our mission and philosophy

We aim to organise the world’s meetings and make them universally accessible, secure and easy-to-use.
We created the world’s first conferencing platform combining simplicity, white-labelling, security and privacy. We put our users' integrity first and never have access to your realtime conversations or communications. Our vision is to simplify secure communications and never turn users into a commodity or collect personal data.

Joining a world-wide movement looking beyond previous mega trends of focusing on Big-Data collection.

Endless data collection must stop if we want to progress in a global society. These trends must intrinsically be modified beginning at the smallest of startups to the largest of corporate business models. That is why we use an indirect earnings business model focused on selling white-label licenses to enterprises instead of turning your data and privacy into a sellable commodity.

We do not want to create a platform that “socially cools” or causes behavioural changes en masse. We do not want to have a platform that adjusts pricing based on IP or previous purchase behaviours. We will not collect data that oppressive governments, hackers or third parties can exploit and use against individuals. blog blog

What do we stand for?

We are ambitious, but by simplifying digital communication and building in security, as part of the foundation of our infrastructure, we can avoid turning our customers and their data into a commodity. We aim to positively impact and simplify the way we communicate, safeguard digital privacy and ensure that the future of the internet is a safe, secure and an open space to share, connect and grow.

Meet the team

Vladimir Osipov
Vladimir Osipov
Dmitry Ignatov
Dmitry Ignatov
Rumman Sunny
Rumman Sunny