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xroom.app is a free, secure, simple and encrypted video conferencing platform. Our mission and philosophy is very clear. We aim to organize the world’s meetings and make them universally accessible, secure and easy-to-use. That is why we use an indirect earnings business model focused on selling white-label licenses to enterprises instead of turning your data and privacy into a sellable commodity.

We know we are ambitious, but by simplifying digital communication and building in security, as part of the foundation of our infrastructure, we know that we can positively impact and simplify the way we communicate, safeguard digital privacy and ensure that the future of the internet is a safe, secure and an open space to share, connect and grow.

Our team

Haza Newman
Haza Newman
Vladimir Osipov
Vladimir Osipov
CTO / Frontend
Dmitry Ignatov
Core engineer
Evgeniy Fomichev
Research engineer
Martin Domon
Martin Domon
Support manager / Jr.Dev

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