Unblock camera/mic access on a computer

Unblock camera/mic access on a computer

  • Check both your browser and operating systems settings.
  • Try Incognito or Private mode in your browser.
    • Especially if you have browser extensions, like ad blockers.
    • These add-ons can easily block your camera and microphone.
  • Run the WebRTC test
    If you have time, it's useful to try WebRTC’s browser test. It alerts to browser issues that affect the call:
    👉 👉 Click this WebRTC’s browser test, https://test.webrtc.org.

  • WebRTC’s test is for your browser in general. (It's not specific to our video calls.)
  • Click the test link. Click the start button. See if it finds problems.
  • Issues? Try the below steps. Contact us for help.

  • Did the above work? Check your browser settings

Chrome and Edge details

To unblock your camera/mic follow these steps:

    Google chrome approval image
  • In your URL address bar (top right) click on the camera icon when in a call.
  • Make sure that "Always allow" is selected
  • Click done
  • Refresh your browser

Chrome users — also try the following

  • Click the triple dot Settings icon, upper right of your Chrome window
  • Click Site Settings > Camera (and then Mic)
  • Under both Camera and Mic, make sure that xroom.app is not on the BLOCK list
  • Save changes and rejoin the call

Firefox users

Firefox approval image

  • In a call, look at the address bar. Click the cam/mic icon there
  • Click the "x" to turn off blocking
  • Exit and rejoin the call. Click Allow when asked, as you rejoin

Safari users

Safari approval image

  • In a call, look at the address bar. Click the cam/mic icon there
  • Ensure allow is set to both camera and mic.

If you still have issues with Safari - Make sure to check your macOS System Preferences.

Other solutions:

Mac Users

Mac OS audio and video — new privacy setting steps

Windows Users

PLEASE check for Systems Updates! This Lifewire post is helpful.

  • We have reproduced an issue where one popular program, when auto-starting, does not close cleanly. It still claims access to the camera even after it's closed.
  • Turn off the program automatically opening at startup. Now reboot.


👉If you haven't already...REBOOT your computer. Your system needs to clear out any old issues.

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