xroom.app offers 100% white-label conferencing

xroom.app offers 100% white-label conferencing

As businesses continue to grow their global footprint, teams are becoming more geographically dispersed, are increasingly working remotely making face-to-face collaboration challenging. As a result, a more-remote workforce requires safe and convenient access to collaboration tools more than ever. We can help you to turn each of your meetings into a memorable marketing opportunity!

Even before the pandemic arrived, research shows that the demand for collaboration software and video conferencing tools was rising. Gartner’s workforce consumer survey discovered that employees spend 11.7 hours, on average, in meetings each week. 9% of respondents claimed they spend more than 20 hours of their working week in meetings. We believe that each of these meetings leads to a missed opportunity if you market and advertise other conferencing brands, rather than lifting your own.

Market and build awareness about your brand securely

We have already launched our white-label platform and offer you the ability to market your brand, logo along with your choice of colors and personal preferences. All the features available in our enterprise version have been tested with thousands of users in our free version, thus ensuring you a secure and stable experience. Everything we create will be done so with our users, their privacy and integrity in mind while ensuring our tools are simple-to-use. We keep no personal logs, nor store specific details about your private communications and will always gladly accept suggestions and criticisms on how we can improve our services.

Main White-label features

  • Use your logo:
    • Advertise your own company instead and let people know about your brand with each video conference.
  • Use your (sub)domain:
      Create your own conference space by connecting xroom.app to your domain, via a simple cName entry, with your namespace or host provider. For example - meetings.yourcompany.com.
  • Setup your colours, SEO and SMO:
    • Your conference space should fit your companies design profile and colour scheme and not be limited with our default schemes. Paint it the way you wish, but ensure to mind the aesthetics as they may impact usability. If you share links on social media to your solution or are concerned about your SEO ratings then you may also customize how your branded space looks on social media and what users see in Google when they search for it.

For a full list of our features and pricing, please click here.

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