Top troubleshooting - 7 tips that solve 99% of video/audio issues

Top troubleshooting - 7 tips that solve 99% of video/audio issues

Looking to improve your conferencing experience? We got you covered!

Reload Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If possible, try Incognito and run the WebRTC test.

Below are 7 quick steps that solve most issues.

The key is ensuring that video and audio calls work in your browser. So, the calls depend entirely on your browser running smoothly. (Do you have browser blockers? Or lots of tabs open? See below!)

✅ Run the WebRTC test

If you have time, it's useful to try WebRTC’s browser test. It alerts to browser issues that affect the call:

👉 👉 Click this WebRTC’s browser test,

  • WebRTC’s test is for your browser in general. (It's not specific to our video calls.)
  • Click the test link. Click the start button. See if it finds any problems.
  • Issues? Try the below 7 steps. Contact us for help.

✳️ These fix most issues (and see more below):

1. Reload your browser
2. Try Incognito or Private mode.
Especially if you have browser extensions, like ad blockers.
These add-ons can easily block your camera and microphone.
3. Quit your browser. Don't just close. QUIT and reopen. 
4. Try another browser. (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
5. Reboot. Most people don't have to do this. But it can be a fast fix if you don't want to spend time troubleshooting.
6. Clear your browser’s Cache (Note this usually clears your browser’s cookies and other saved data).
7. Ensure your browsers are updated.

⚙️ Your browser is like any program or software and at times does need maintenance. If you have not refreshed it in a while, it might need an update or quick reboot!

🚧 Packet loss — it's different from a speed test!

  • 🏃🏽‍♂️ Even great networks can have packet loss. And it is packet loss that's important to live media streaming. Take a network test. Read this help page for more.

👂 Using an external cam/mic? Make sure it's selected in your Settings

  • Go to your Cam/mic settings > Set your cam/mic as the Default

🔇 Laggy video or audio?

  • Mute cameras.

🎧 Use earbuds!

  • It helps with the echo.

More on the browser test and packet loss

  • 👉 Your browser and operating system might not be talking to each other. Reloading, or rebooting, can clear out stalled network settings, for example.
  • 🔎 Incognito doesn't load your browser extensions. Therefore, try Incognito, to clarify if an extension is blocking

🗣 Quick Audio

Audio issues — others can't hear you? Or vice versa?

  • Click "More" and then click on "Settings".
  • Choose the default version of your mic and audio output.

👉 Unblock camera or mic

When you click on your cam/mic buttons, do you see something similar to the blocked message below?

Unblock camera image

If so, this means that your camera/mic is blocked by (1) your browser or (2) Operating System. Learn how to fix this with the following links:

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