xroom.app has been accepted into New Nordic Leads’ 2020-2021 startup programme

xroom.app has been accepted into New Nordic Leads’ 2020-2021 startup programme

We are excited to announce that xroom.app has been accepted into New Nordic Leads’ startup 2020-2021 programme.

About New Nordic Leads’ programme:

The program will focus on stimulating startups’ investment readiness and raising the overall investment knowledge within the sector and building a strong united investment ecosystem between Finland and Estonia.

During the project, NNL will form a total of eight syndicate investments that each go through a half-year round consisting of high-quality training. At the end of each round, syndicate members will have the opportunity to invest in the most promising high-tech startups.

To achieve that project training boot camps for startups and investment mentoring will be carried out during the project. The startups will be provided international high-level meetings with investors, VC and corporate partners.

Cross-border investing is also in the focus of the project to support regional startups raising capital from international angel syndicate investments to have better cross-region scaling opportunities. In order to build a united strong investment ecosystem, the importance of building relations and sharing experience can not be underestimated. Therefore startups and investors will be taken to regional startup conferences and flagship events, where special networking and pitching events will be carried out, within the project.

New Nordic Leads' pitch event

What will startups get from the program?

Join hands-on startup investment readiness training and get great mentoring from EstBAN and FiBAN angel investors!

  • Training and mentoring sessions from top-notch investors in the region
  • Personal mentors from EstBAN and FiBAN angel investors
  • Grow a network of cross-border investors and fellow startup founders
  • Be in the pipeline for the next EstBAN or FiBAN syndicate

Meet the trainers:

  • Riina Einberg, Co-founder of Estonian Founders Society, Startup consultant
  • Riivo Anton, Founding Partner at United Angels VC
  • Yrjö Ojasaar, Investment Partner at Change Ventures

What was New Nordic Leads looking for?

  • Companies raising or ready to raise an investment
  • A committed team – does the team have the potential and experience to make this product/service successful?
  • Traction and revenue – does the company already have existing clients and revenue?
  • Regional aspect – does the team have a connection to the Central Baltic Region (team members, registration, or similar)?
  • Market – does the team understand their target group and does the product/service align with the needs of the target group by solving a concrete problem?
  • Growth potential – does the product/service have high growth potential and is it suitable for markets outside of Estonia/Finland?

More about New Nordic Leads:

Please visit New Nordic Leads' website for more updates and info. Please visit EstBAN to learn more about the other companies that are participating.

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