xroom.app has been accepted into Icebreaker.vc's PFP fall-winter programme 2020!

xroom.app has been accepted into Icebreaker.vc's PFP fall-winter programme 2020!

We are proud to announce that xroom.app has joined Icebreaker.vc's PFP fall-winter programme 2020!.â€Ș

About Icebreaker's programme:

The Icebreaker PFP programme is a place for talented professionals from various industries, to meet likeminded founders with the drive to start or join new exciting projects and companies.
Over the course of one-month startups are invited to participate in online sessions, where Icebreaker.vc will help startups dive headfirst into the basics of starting and building a successful startup.

Icebreaker.vc's PFP fall-winter programme 2020

What will startups get from the program?

  • Riku SeppĂ€lĂ€, co-founder of Icebreaker.vc, will present the basics of Idea Validation for startups, followed by Q&A, group discussions, and more information about the rest of PFP.
  • Between the sessions, startups will be given tasks that are aimed at strengthening and working on their idea
  • Help finding team members from the PFP, and getting a better idea of what they’ll need to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • As a member of the Icebreaker Community, all startups will have access to future Icebreaker Community events and tools following the completion of the PFP.
  • Startups will also be given the tools to share, validate, and improve their ideas in between sessions.

Meet the trainers:

  • Riku SeppĂ€lĂ€, General Partner and co-founder of Icebreaker.vc
  • Lasse Lehtinen, General Partner of Icebreaker.vc
  • Aleksi Partanen, General Partner of Icebreaker.vc
  • Kristian Pentti, Head of Community at Icebreaker.vc

More about Icebreaker.vc:

Please visit Icebreaker.vc's website for more updates and info.

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