xroom.app declared a winner of the year in the Breakit Impact Challenge

xroom.app declared a winner of the year in the Breakit Impact Challenge

Over a hundred companies fought to make a difference in the Breakit Impact Challenge and xroom.app was declared a winner of the year.

xroom.app declared a winner of Breakit Impact Challenge

After three years, the Breakit Impact Challenge still attracts a large number of companies who want to challenge themselves to be as sustainable as possible in just five weeks. This year, as many as 125 companies participated in the challenge.
On Dec 11, 2020, Breakit celebrated 72 companies who passed all the challenges.

This year, participants were celebrated digitally instead of the party that Breakit usually organises for the winners. Regardless, it was still as festive thanks to everyone's commitment and some were rewarded for their work in changing their business to be more sustainable. In addition to the diplomas awarded to all companies that passed the Breakit Impact Challenge, three companies received special awards for their work during the challenge.

“Eldsjäl” of the year winner: xroom.app

  • Awarded to a company that has entered the Breakit Impact Challenge with life and desire and taken every step very seriously. This year's winner has also, through its commitment, inspired others to make climate-smart changes.

This year's change journey winner: Fyndiq

  • Awarded to a company that in 30 days has made a major change journey in the Breakit Impact Challenge. The company's employees have embarked on this journey of change with great commitment and thus created the conditions for a new climate-smart future.

This year's climate-tweaked business model winner: You Are Here

  • Awarded to a company that has reviewed its business model and made it more climate-smart, and at the same time contributed to the company gaining additional competitive advantages. In this work, the company has also influenced others in a more climate-smart direction.

In addition to the honourable mentions, the winners also received special diplomas for their winnings as well as year-round subscriptions to Breakit Premium.

To read Breakit’s article (in Swedish) click: Here.
To see Breakit’s live diploma party on YouTube click: Here.

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