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How can we help you? frequently asked questions
I cannot find my question in your FAQ - how do I contact you directly for support?
This FAQ does not cover every possible question, unfortunately, but we do our best to keep it updated based on feedback from our customers. If you would still like to contact us directly after using the FAQ search menu above - we ask you to kindly email us at
Do I need to login/how do I login?
You do not need to be logged in to use our free services via or when creating a free room on our homepage. Logging in is only needed for paying users during their initial (sub)domain space setup and when creating bookings via our dashboard/API. Once your (sub)domain is setup, you do not need to be logged in to your your personalised space. In order to login you may click on the yellow YOUR SPACE button in the upper right hand corner of our homeepage at OR you can go straight to our dashboard by visiting
Do I need to hire or be a developer to set up a white label space?
No. You can set up your space in less than 5 mins via our dashboard. If you can use Microsoft Word or check your email - that should be more that sufficient to setup your white label space. The only minor technical action you will have to take is to add a cname record via your domain name registrar. Your registrar can usually help with such inquiries and if you still have concerns we are also happy to assist as much as possible.
How can I redeem a gift code or license code?
You can redeem your gift code or license code by logging into our dashboard: here
Once logged in you may click on Subscriptions on the left side menu. Then scroll down to the Gift code section. Enter your gift code or license code and click the redeem gift code button.
Why is my video feed reversed/mirrored?
You have likely noticed that your video feed preview is reversed, which can make text unreadable to you in your preview. No worries, we automatically flip your camera feed back to normal for all other users in the room so that text is readable. Just like in real life as if you were showing it to them in person. We do this because it ensures a more comfortable video meeting experience. It also allows participants to easily make adjustments to their position within the frame. Imagine looking at yourself in a mirror. When you raise your left hand, it goes up on the left side of the screen. The same logic is automatically applied when you use your selfie camera on your phone. In order to turn off the mirror mode in your camera preview, you can select more and then click on settings. Then uncheck mirror video.
Why is my microphone or camera not being detected on my phone or computer?
A microphone or camera must be visible to the browser since is running inside of it. It should run fine on all main platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and iOS*) as long as you are using a modern browser. Please check your browser configurations and permissions first. Otherwise, try another browser. *All iOS users should be aware that Apple only provides cam/mic access outside of Safari starting with iOS 14.3 so ensure to update. For more help, please check out this link here.