Secure, simple and encrypted video conferencing

Do I need an engineer to set up a white label?

No. The only technical action you will have to take is to add a domain record at your name registrar and trust us, you can easily cope with that.

Why is my microphone or camera not being detected?

A microphone or camera must be visible to the browser since our app is running inside it. It should run fine on all main platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and iOS*). Please check your browser configurations and permissions first. Otherwise, try another browser. *All iOS users should be aware that Apple prohibits cam/mic usage in any browser, but Safari.

Why is the audio and video quality reduced?

Our solution is P2P (Peer to Peer) based and end-to-end encrypted meaning we don’t have a server that hosts your video conference/webinar. It all depends on your own connection and your participants. However, if you’ve got a good connection, aren’t exceeding too many participants (8 for conference, 16 for webinar) or trying to connect with someone with a slow connection - please give our Boosters a try.

How can I be sure that you do not secretly watch me?

Our architecture is peer-to-peer based. Your video, sound and text do not even reach our servers. When we add repeaters to our system they will be fully open-source and you will even be able to deploy them on your own machine if you do not trust us enough.

What is the maximum amount of people in a room for free (without a booster)?

This depends exclusively on your bandwidth and the room type. On a regular home network connection it typically works well to have 7-8 people in a conference and 15-16 in a webinar. If you have a fiber optic connection you can surely host even more.

But can I have more? I plan to have a webinar for 30 (50, 100, ...) participants?

Yes. Recently we have started offering so called room Boosters — dedicated server modules pumping your video and available for rent within your monthly subscription. Currently there is only one model present (for 50 participants) but later more options will come. In a while we plan to allow installing these Boosters on-premise, on your own servers, for free.

What is a booster? Is it reusable?

A booster is effectively a rented virtual server that guarantees a specific amount of participants in a room without a necessity to have a perfect Internet connection. In short, yes it’s always reusable.

Are boosters available both in webinar and conference mode?

Currently boosters are only available in webinar mode only.

Why is sometimes room entering not instant?

This may happen because you are too far away from the server taking care of your domain. Simply choose your region in the back office. We will add more regions as the demand grows.

How many rooms can I have under my own domain?

We do not limit this. It is unlimited forever. 🙂

How can I set a background image for my conferences?

Some fields in the domain theme editor in your dashboard allow CSS format, they are then marked correspondingly. There you can use regular CSS rules and set whatever your imagination brings you. See more here.

Can I add my own plugins?

Absolutely. We have a public plugin API and will be glad to help you with an advice if you decide to build your own.

Your tool is an SPA. How will Google index it then?

When a robot comes to your white label page it sees already branded. You can configure this in the back office on domain level, section "SEO". Moreover, when you share a link to your page in social media previews will also be branded.

We need a custom bot or plugin. Can you help us develop it?

Absolutely. We have a partner company who can take care of that. If you order something twice or sign a support plan we will even arrange you a discount. Just ping us by email.

Can I add my own translation?

Yes. All translations are open-sourced and managed by the community. You can add a new one or update an existing one here.

I have added a CNAME record at my registrar but I still cannot validate. What to do?

We recommend you to use any external tool to validate that your record is already visible in the Internet and points to wl.zroom.app, for example this one. We always recommend you to contact your registrar if your CNAME is not visible within 24 hours.

Can I use external hardware (camera, digitizer, projector etc) with your app?

Yes. As long as you have drivers for your device in your operating system you can easily have both external input and external output devices. Switching between inputs is done in the settings (accessible from the main menu in of prior to a call).

Can I limit people from creating rooms on my domain?

Yes. You can disable this in the back office. After that you will only be able to create rooms via our API or via an integration with a third party platform.

Do you have a demo version?

go.xroom.app is a fully functional free public version. You may refer to it if you need an end user demo. For a back office demo simply sign up on zroom.app, we have a demo domain there.

I have a feature idea. Where can I submit it?

An idea? Great! Please submit it here. You can also vote and comment on existing suggestions there.

Can people join and only spectate?

Yes! You can use the webinar mode if all the other participants should spectate and chat. If people should watch/listen only, without any feedback then you can use RTMP streaming feature.

What is RTMP streaming?

Real-Time Messaging Protocol is a form of social media streaming, you can use a destination platform such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch etc and the viewers is not limited, unless the destination platform itself limits it (which they usually don’t).

Is RTMP streaming and SM streaming the same?

SM simply stands for “social media”, while RTMP is the protocol. In short, yes - they’re the same thing.

“Security focused”, but you use cookies?

If you would like to use our platform as a free user without cookies, you are very welcome to visit the following page: go.xroom.app. This is our lightweight entry point to the platform. We don’t deny we collect some info, but what we don’t do is collect any personal information about you nor your conferences or communications. Fingerprinting techniques allow us to improve our services by helping us understand how our platform is used.