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This is how you may use
our brand elements media kit

Our name,
logo and how
to use them

“” is our non-legal name and must always be represented and written in all lower case form. The logo binds our identity together and consists of a word mark. The word mark is designed after the communication that the product offers.

Primary Logo
Primary Logomark
Logo exclusion zone

The exclusion zone ensures visibility and prominence of our logo. Ensure to leave a clear space area around the logo and isolate it from other competing visual elements - such as text and supporting graphics.

Exclusion zones

In addition to the primary logo, there is also a negative version and a black version available should the possibility of colour printing not exist.

Extra 1Extra 2Extra 3Extra 4
Logo DON’Ts
Don’t stretch the logo disproportionately
Do not 1Do not 1
Don’t use any other colours other than the ones defined in this guideline
Do not 3Do not 4
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