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  • We realize that many users and customers, like us, rarely read the entirety of a privacy policy. As such, we find it fitting to provide a quick overview.
  • Our free services require no login, email or any other personal details to use.
  • We usually will only ask you to give us your name and email to get access to our paid services. Anything beyond this is not required and will be directly given by you to us because you wish to communicate directly with us.
  • We encrypt all your communications and do our best to store the least amount of data possible to protect you.
  • We have no access to your conversations or communication sessions.
  • We don’t use cookies for our services, but some of our third-party providers do.
  • All payments are accepted via Stripe, a secure payment provider.
  • We do not collect or sell your personal information nor share it with any third-parties.
  • If you need any specialized agreements, please reach out to
  • We are here to help you maintain simple and secure communications and have no interest in obtaining your personal information. If you have any comments, concerns or suggestions please contact us at
  • This website, services and any offerings related to ‘’ is owned by xroom AB​.
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