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TLDR (Too long, didn’t read)

• We realize that many users and customers, like us, rarely read the entirety of most terms & conditions. As such, we find it fitting to provide a quick overview.
• We encrypt all your communications, have no access to your conversations or communication sessions and do our best to store the least amount of data possible to protect you.
• Our free services require no login, email or any other personal details to use.
• You agree to not upload, stream or showcase any user content that is owned by another party unless you are legally able to do so.
• You will agree to not engage in any illegal, harassing, bullying, or libelous activities on our platform.
• The free version of xroom.app is for legitimate individual use only (personal communication). Commercial use of xroom.app as part of your business offering requires one of our paid plans.
• An upfront monthly payment, for our monthly paid plans, is required when upgrading from a free to paid account.
• All payments are accepted via Stripe, a secure payment provider.
• We reserve the right to terminate accounts not in compliance with our terms.
• Changes to our terms or plans may occur and we will notify you when significant material changes occur.
• The xroom.app service comes “as-is” and without any warranty.
• If you need any specialized agreements, please reach out to legal@xroom.app
• If you having any other questions please contact us at support@xroom.app

Full Terms and Conditions

xroom.app full terms and conditions: download a PDF, 86 kB