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We supply the technology and
infrastructure. Make it yours!

Gain access to a secure space where you’ll be able to increase your brand awareness and respect all visitors’ privacy. Create and use your own personalised, private and instant meetings.
<span>We supply</span> the technology and <br class="desktop-only"/> infrastructure. <span>Make it yours!</span>

Just a few of
the reasons why

  • Instant brand recognition within every meeting
  • Connect your own domain and ensure people only see your name
  • Represent your companies image and ethos through your own colour themes
  • Create a simple to use space, in just a few minutes, that is personalised to your needs
  • Use a secure and personalised space that is GDPR compliant and also respects all visitors’ privacy
  • Perfect your logo
    Get your logo just right within your sessions. You may resize, position and adjust it to perfection.
    Add your favicon
    Having your personal space also means being able to upload your own favicon to showcase your logo further.
    Find a font you fancy
    Your personal branded space should also be able to showcase a font you think suits best.
    Use your brand colour
    Creating your colour scheme and representing your brand’s ethos is what this is all about.
    “The white-labelling is also a nice touch, and looks slick.”
    Daniel White
    Founder & CEO,
    Get to the button of it
    Perhaps you are more a rounded-edge kind of company? Or do you prefer square edges? Choose that yourself.
    Integrate with your domain
    Fully customising your space means using your domain. Choose what works best - i.e.
    Search engine optimization
    When sharing your links, to others online, you should want your brand and name to be right up and centre.
    Data Processing Agreement
    Need to ensure you are GDPR compliant when working in the EU? We’ve got you covered with our DPA.

    Promote your brand further

    Don't let any company take away attention that should be focused on you. Join us at to create your secure and personalised conferencing space today.

    For just €19.99 a month, you can set up your Enterprise plan within a few minutes and grow your business brand awareness with security and privacy in mind.
    Promote your brand further